Our Technology

NoBACZ is a Wound Care Company specialising in sustainable, rapid-setting flexible barrier dressings.

Our products are developed using a patented natural polymer that sets rapidly on contact with wounds to provide a waterproof barrier keeping environmental pathogens and contaminants out and facilitating skin repair.

Our Story

Precision Liquid Bandages (also termed barrier dressings) were invented by Drs Jonathan Powell, Nuno Faria, Carlos Bastos and Will Thom at the University of Cambridge. The IP was filed by the University and a first scientific publication followed entitled ‘Robust rapid‑setting antibacterial liquid bandages’(1).

The value of the technology was demonstrated in a proof-of-concept trial on dairy cows with the disease, digital dermatitis. This approach could address the significant impact this disease has on economic productivity in dairy farming and quality of life of the animals.

In November 2020, NoBACZ Healthcare was established and product development began in earnest. After a robust period of proof of concept efficacy trial and development of tolerance and safety data. The first products were manufactured and launched in the UK at BCVA Congress in October 2023.

(1)Bastos, C.A., et al., 2020. Robust rapid-setting antibacterial liquid bandages. Scientific reports, 10(1), pp.1-8

Our Innovation

NoBACZ’s Precision Liquid Bandages will change the way that we care for animals and, ultimately, humans. Our products are innovative and adaptable. They set on application and are resistant to bacterial colonisation but are antibiotic free.

The products prevent microbial ingress or biofilm formation on their surfaces, but do not leach or treat the wound. They are water resistant and do not require removing as they remove themselves over time. And they are composed of only sustainable and safe components that are all food or feed grade in an alcohol base.

They can be used over pre-applied antiseptic, or over pre-applied veterinary medicinal products such as topical sprays. Precision Liquid Bandages thrive in extreme environments, from the demands of the modern dairy farm through to all-weather outdoor pursuits, every bit as much as they do in a clean hospital or home environment.

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