You’ve seen the website, spotted us on LinkedIn, or just heard rumblings about an exciting innovation from cattle experts. And now some of you will have talked to us at the British Cattle Veterinary Association (BCVA) congress in Telford. Yes, we’ve officially launched our new flagship product NoBACZ Bovine!

Read about our groundbreaking launch here <link>. Still confused about who NoBACZ Healthcare are and why our ‘robust rapid‑setting liquid bandages’ should be working hard on your farms now? 

NoBACZ Bovine lands on udders, horn buds and hooves near you…

At this year’s BCVA Congress, we had the privilege of introducing our

product to delegates, along with offering free samples for them to try on their

next hoof, horn bud or udder case. Our booth featured flowing water to

demonstrate the waterproof and hydrophobic properties of NoBACZ Bovine.

We also shared valuable tips for first time users on how to apply a rapid-set

liquid bandage, compared to traditional fabric bandages.

The response from the veterinary community at the event has been truly

fantastic, many were delighted to have an alternative to traditional bandages.

We look forward to expanding our reach beyond the conference. Please feel

free to share this newsletter with contacts who may find our product of